The Hard Things

Photo Credit: via Compfight cc

I crashed my bike two weeks ago. This is not surprising to those who know me. I’m quite the klutz. But let me tell you, it hurt. My hands were bruised and scraped. My right knee was as well. This was after we had a fun family afternoon.


My husband, daughter and I went for a Sunday afternoon bike ride. We rode to Starbucks, got drinks and sat on the patio in the sunshine. My daughter was running around and being silly. We ate a snack and had a wonderful time. Then we rode our bikes to Walmart and went grocery shopping. After we were done, we loaded the groceries into the trailer where the toddler couldn’t reach and set off. We got to an intersection and I hit the right hand brakes too hard. Down I went. I don’t remember why I hit the brakes or what else was going on. Luckily, the car that was behind us stopped after I went down. We got the bikes and trailer out of the road. I sat in a driveway trying to collect myself.

Photo Credit: Jim Bauer via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Jim Bauer via Compfight cc

My husband asked if I was okay. I said I was but I was trying not to puke or pass out. I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t relax. I took my helmet off and that helped a little bit. But what helped most when was my husband put his hands on my shoulders and said that everything was all right. Just the reassurance from someone else was what I needed to relax.


Then he asked me the hardest question. Would I be able to get back on my bike and ride home? To be honest, I didn’t want to. He offered to go home and get the car. But that would have required me waiting in the stranger’s driveway while he rode home, put groceries away, got the toddler loaded in the car and then came back for me. I thought about saying yes. I wanted to say yes. Saying yes, go get the car, I’ll wait here, would have been easy. I could have waited and ridden back in the comfort of the car. But I didn’t. I just asked if we could wait a little bit longer before we set off. I figured I could make it home. It wasn’t too far. I would have to get back on the bike eventually. I could do it then and just get it over with. Or I could put it off until I had healed and it was much easier.


But I did the hard thing. We waited a few minutes and I got back on my bike. It hurt. I was sore and bleeding a little bit. But I did it. Just yesterday, we went for another bike ride to Starbucks again. Are you noticing a theme to our bike riding, yet? It was easier than the ride home after crashing. But I was still a little nervous. It was scary and mentally hard.


Here’s the thing though. The hard things suck. They’re called the hard things for a reason. Lee Cockerell said in an interview with Jeff Goins, “Do the hard things. It will make life easier for you.” This is so true. It’s been true about working out. It’s been true about writing. And it was definitely true about riding my bike home. So keep doing the hard things. Eventually, they’ll become easy.

So what hard things have you done recently? Or what hard thing are you currently struggling with? Let me know in the comments and we can help cheer you on your way through.


(Lee and Jeff both have podcasts which I listen to and love. The links are to their respective websites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.)